Phone Entry Systems


For All Your phone Entry Systems needs
Commercial Residential and Gated Communities.

We install and repair phone Access Systems. For single-family homes, apartments, condos and gated communities. We install and repair all access control systems from telephone entry systems to keypads and card readers. Some of the brands we install and service are LiftMaster, AAS, Doorking.

Phone Entry Systems

LiftMaster EL1SS

Telephone Entry Systems Intercom and Access Control.

Liftmaster EL2000SS

phone Entry System for Commercial and Gated Communities.


DoorKing 1812

Entry Intercom and Access Control Systems. Ideal For Commercial and Residential.

doorking Phone entry

1834 - 90 Entry System

Commercial Telephone Entry Access Control System.

aas accent 1

Ascent X1

Ascent X1 – Cellular Based Entry Systems with Keypad.

m7 aas

Ascent M7

Ascent M7 – Cellular Multi-Tenant Entry System with 7-inch LCD.

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